Where Should We Begin?

SUPERHOST at M HKA takes place from January to December 2022. The programme has a soft outline, and will be developed as resources allow. Find the updates - of public events and changes on the 6th floor of M HKA - below.


Where Should We Begin?


Producing value, resisting value and giving value in institutional context.


Dear visitors,
You might be wondering what has been happening in the Superhost project and what can be seen in the space currently. Here we give you a summer update.

︎︎︎ Summer Update

Superhost Curators: Could you sum up the key notions carried by this project? 

FP: Maybe I can put it into the form questions.

One of the questions is: How much does a public programme of twelve months cost in labour?

Superhost Curators: Okay, that’s one.

FP: The second question is: Can we afford it? Another one is: What do we consider labour in the context of such a project?

Superhost Curators: And how do you understand the notion of labour?

︎︎︎Conversation between Falke Pisano, Joanna Zielińska and Anne-Claire Schmitz

Where Should We Begin? actually begins with this text, written in Summer 2021.

[...] a suggestion to examine once again how we relate to the material and discursive power structures within which public visibility is produced. What is public visibility for? How does it relate to the public realm in general, to the private, the collective, to relations, to change? What value systems operate before and after something is made public in an art context? What discourses around value have we internalized that continue to create such a pressure around publicness? How do we deal with the institutional and economic systems that reinforce and make use of those internalized discourses? What can we do in public? What do we want to do in public? How can we have open conversations about what we want from publicness, for ourselves and each other?

︎︎︎Falke Pisano, (Working title) Learning from the Lawless Language of Loneliness (2021)