3 December: Stories that are not so easy to tell

with Karen Vantvelt, Luz Peuscovich, MC Julie Yu, Table Dance, Zeynep Kubat, Falke Pisano and new work by Gizem Üstüner

Karen Vantvelt ︎︎︎
Luz Peuscovich ︎︎︎
MC Julie Yu ︎︎︎
Table Dance ︎︎︎
Zeynep Kubat ︎︎︎
Gizem Üstüner ︎︎︎

Stories that are not so easy to tell

with Karen Vantvelt, Luz Peuscovich, MC Julie Yu, Table Dance, Zeynep Kubat, Falke Pisano and new work by Gizem Üstüner

3 December 2022, 15:00-18:00 (including drinks, programme approx 2hrs)
M HKA 6th floor

On the 3rd of December, we invite you to join the last public event of Where Should We Begin?, Superhost 2022.

Superhost 2022: Where should we begin? has been a vehicle to investigate the working conditions in the field of art, with a specific focus on the work involved in public programming in art institutions. We were curious about the questions that would arise when paying extra close attention to the material and systemic conditions in which we work. How do they shape the way we work and the decisions we make? How do we feel when working? What information can we draw from it? How do the material and systemic conditions influence our relations? And how can we develop strategies to intervene in our own conditioning and that of the institutional context around us?

Throughout the year, many processes have taken place. Some have been (partly) public, others happened behind the scenes. During this event we will reflect on some of the more hidden processes of a year of Superhost, through dance and sound, conversation, astrology and a game.

The artist Karen Vantvelt is developing an affective response (non-verbal expression) to the experience of having been invited as a guest in the Superhost project. In a video made for the occasion artist and astrologer Luz Peuscovich will share some astrological insights on collaborative work, based on the guidance she has given throughout the year. Artist MC Julie Yu and Falke Pisano will present a prototype of a game that allows for the unpacking of recurring situations and experiences of work in the cultural field. Curator and writer Zeynep Kubat has been invited to engage in a conversation with Falke Pisano – as a critical friend – to look back at the year, the project’s intention, its life and possible afterlife.

Also newly added to the Superhost space is a series of ‘shadow clouds’ by artist Gizem Üstüner, in which she reflects on questions we might ask ourselves when working with others, in larger groups, in public, or in institutional context. It can be read from the perspective of an art worker who is shuttling between different needs and demands at the same time, often working for changing their conditions, while also needing to find a balance within conditions that change constantly in unforeseen ways.

We invite you to join us in tension, discomfort, curiosity, desire and imagination.

There’s time for hanging out and conversations in between and after the programme, with snacks and drinks provided by the collective Table Dance, currently in residency at the M HKA café.

More information on participants and programme follows soon.