10-13 January: installation

12 January: zoom meeting led by project doula Staci Bu Shea, with Anne-Claire Schmitz, Joanna Zielińska, Falke Pisano on the attention and qualities of interpersonal, collective working experience in “the life of the project,”. (not public)

14 January: spaces accessible

20 January: zoom meeting led by astrologer Luz Peuscovich, with MC Julie Yu and Falke Pisano on astrology and labour in the context of the project. (not public)

How to enter an institution? In this case, in these times and with the year ahead of us, with deliberate slowness: to inhabit the space lightly and to feel the quality of time of these public spaces on the sixth floor of M HKA.

How has our experience of time been affected by the pandemic? Katja Mater’s series of 79 clocks could speak to this. The clock faces becoming two bodies revolving around each other might also ask us what we what we can do and want to do, within and towards time. How can our bodies become agents in the weird-ing of time within the institute?

Three small series of the clockalikes selected by association and affection:
- heart, brain and body (Time is an Arrow, Error 71, 43, 12)
- the time of work and its slippages (Time is an Arrow, Error 7, 33)
- free time: the warmth of sun, reading a book, a gathering in the grass (Time is an Arrow, Error 39, 60, 30)

More information on Time is an Arrow, Error here.

photo: M HKA Clinkx
From left to right:

Falke Pisano, Going Inside/Going Public (2022), a site-specific public audio installation translated in steps to video, shown in successive versions over first months of Where Should We Begin?. Background text to the work here.

Katja Mater, Time is an Arrow, Error 12 (2020)

Falke Pisano, caption for Going Inside/Going Public (2022)

Photo: M HKA Clinkx
On the left:

Katja Mater, Time is an Arrow, Error 71 and 43 (2020)

Thanks to Wendelien van Oldenborgh, who shared her design for the mobile screen. The screen model was developed for Lecture/Audience/Camera, a 30-minute film that was produced in a public process via a series of three lectures, in these same spaces at M HKA in 2008.

More information on Lecture/Audience/Camera here.

On the right:

Falke Pisano, How did we get here? (2020), vinyl wall drawings that narrate the process up to January and look ahead to the year programme, pointing to elements that will be added. More drawings will be added over time, further narrating and commenting on the evolution of the programme.

Photo: M HKA Clinkx
On the right:

Katja Mater, Time is an Arrow, Error 39, 66 and 30 (2020)

Photo: M HKA Clinkx
On the right:

Katja Mater, Time is an Arrow, Error 7 and 33 (2020)

Falke Pisano, How did we get here? (2020)