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Invited to make a series of posters for the lecture series Abstracton & Economy I set up a visual method which would allow me to keep an eye on the amount of hours I worked in relation to the fee, while also making transparent what the work consisted of.

The initial fee (it was later increased) was €800, which I divided in 8 units of 2hrs at €50/hour, to be distributed over the posters (the number of which was not completely clear to me in the beginning) including hours for concept development. 

The lecture series and the symposium Abstraction & Economy took place on the occasion of the move of the University of Applied Arts into the former Post Office Savings Bank in Vienna – a landmark of modern architecture by Otto Wagner. It examined the tension between abstraction and economy from different perspectives of art and architecture theory / history as well as law, philosophy and economics.
Abstraction & Economy addressed questions about the current challenges of a global economy, with its claim to expansive growth in relation to aesthetics, technology and democracy. Speakers and audience asked about the role of art between concretion and abstraction, and discussed formalistic approaches to art theory with its claim of autonomy, as well as the social and economic aspects that critical theory takes into account in order to track down the aesthetic regime of capitalism.

The lecture series was organized by Eva Maria Stadler and Jenni Tischer, Department of Art & Knowledge Transfer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.