Project Support

Astrological guidance by Luz Peuscovich

Project support by Staci Bu Shea

Luz Peuscovich

Luz Peuscovich is an Artist and Astrologer from Argentina who accompanies Falke Pisano from the astrological cosmovision, focusing on providing an integrative and bonding perspective.
Luz's work focuses on the integration of humans with nature (of the sky) and the development of sustainable human relationships.
The panoramic vision of the sky is used as a tool in the investigation of the internal states of the project participants, seeking to understand the relationships between humans in the current contexts. The metaphors provided by the symbols are poetic doors for the creation of narratives and interpretations that enrich and enhance sensitivity, and the search for shared patterns can help people to feel contained in situations that involve a lot of commitment and exposure. Seeking emotional contact, empathy and dialogue is fundamental to investigate in depth how we function in the social contexts we create and share.

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Staci Bu Shea

Credit: Staci Bu Shea, 2021 [Image description: fresh from being washed, a black t-shirt of a hospice guest, with the printed text "Trust the timing of your life" on the front, hangs on a dollie from a hanger. The shirt is drying faster in the warm space of the boiler room of the hospice, near the laundry machines, storage goods, and tools.]

Staci Bu Shea is a project companion to Where Should We Begin?. Staci supports the main organizers (Falke Pisano, Joanna Zielińska and Anne-Claire Schmitz) in their collaborative process of organizing and hosting the project and gives attention to the interpersonal experiences of their collective work. Meeting at the beginning, middle, and end of the project's span, we discuss roles, expectations, and values for common understanding, as well as topics of preventive care like communication styles, approaches to conflict, and accountability. These discussions are approached with the attitude that care is something incomplete, accessibility and safety imperfect. Instead, it is the intention and willingness to strive toward these “horizons” where deeper connection and transformation can take place in our relationships.

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